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M.o.w.g.l.i. - New EP by Sophia Lee Soul (Audio)

All Original alumni and UK based recording artist Sophia Lee Soul is back and in true form.  Her latest Ep, M.o.w.g.l.i (Manifest Over Worry Give Love Instead) is just as soulful and impressive as her last 3 projects; G Vibe,

Leo Mercer - The Lost Element

The Lost Element is a compilation film that follows a young man by the name of Leo Mercer through the streets of Oakland CA. It shows his progression from boy to man as he transitions from a wild rebel…

Nigerian Songwriter Dr. Jazz is All For You (Video)

Nigerian music producer and songwriter, Dr. Jazz presents All for You. A song straight from the heart with international appeal.  All For You, a good mix of Pop and R&B with an island feel that is sure…

Reese Da Fly Guy - Whole Enchilada (Audio) 

Every now and then I run across a very well put together package of music.  Whole Enchilada, by Reese Da Fly Guy is exactly that from the cover art to the music.  Coming straight outta east Oakland, Reese Da…

Lasro the King Has Risen (Audio) 

Lasro the King Has Risen

Lasro the King is no stranger to the music biz.  He's a favorite around the San Jose, California music scene and is undoubtedly one of the most soulful voices in the San Francisco…

Demo - Captivity (Audio)

Unfortunately God called Demo home 12/15/18
The world misses you, Shon 'Demo' Reddick.
Perform in peace.

MOOD MUZIK at its finest...if your MOOD is not allowing your mind to be controlled,
CAPTIVITY is about not being locked in to our…