Shaymon's Concrete Hustle - Hatred (Video) 

Concrete Hustle is the brand and Shaymon is the man!  The up and coming rapper from Rialto, California (southern Cal) continues to drop nothing but fire.  His latest video 'Hatred' shows just how crazy the game can get and…

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Laydii Cinnamon is on Fire - (Pics)

Laydii Cinnamon is a model and promoter based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She does everything from event hosting to music video cameo's and appearances to modeling.  Her portfolio includes; album covers, various print publications, and runway work…

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Summertime in SC 'Hip-Hop?RnB?Trap?Reggae' Party

The hottest dance party in Santa Cruz on Tuesday night's during the summer.  Visit the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk during the day and hit the club when night falls.  Arrive early for a late dinner.  Items on the menu upstairs…

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Reese Da Fly Guy - Whole Enchilada (Audio) 

Every now and then I run across a very well put together package of music.  Whole Enchilada, by Reese Da Fly Guy is exactly that from the cover art to the music.  Coming straight outta east Oakland, Reese Da…

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Who's this Kid Rahzia J? - (video)


We don't exactly know either, but this teen from Washington State is making several statements in her debut video, Just Be You.  Bucking all of today's norms, Rahzia J takes on all of the…

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Saritah - Here We Stand (video)

Saritah (Reggae, Soul and Acoustic) - Perth, Australia

Here We Stand

Earlier this year (May 11th to be exact) I got the chance to check out Saritah's live show at Oakland Bissap Baobab.  A Senegalese (West African)…

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