DJ Tasi - Music Monday's at Dope Era (Event)

One of the Bay Area's favorite dj's, DJ Tasi (pronounced Tusi) hosts Music Monday's.  A mid-day listening party at Mistah Fab's Dope Era store in Oakland.  The weekly event is designed for indie artists looking to test their singles and receive constructive feedback in real time from people who are active in the Bay Area music scene.  Music Monday's has been running for nearly 18 months and has grown to be a premiere platform for up and coming artists and groups to be heard, critiqued, and even discovered.  You never know who may be sitting at the Dope Era store when your record is played, so we suggest you make it a point to hit this event, if not to test your own record, to hear what's about to become hot before it gets hot.  Music Monday's is every Monday 2p - 5p.  Get there or get left behind!

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