Who's this Kid Rahzia J? - (video)


We don't exactly know either, but this teen from Washington State is making several statements in her debut video, Just Be You.  Bucking all of today's norms, Rahzia J takes on all of the issues of being a young female growing up in today's world, including the pressures of appearance, sex, and being socially cool.  Just Be You has to be a breathe of fresh air for parents trying to raise their teens in a world that celebrates bullying, sexual harassment, drug use, and lack of originality.

Rahzia J is definitely an original among artists in her age range.  As most are trying to appeal to the masses by speaking on topics that are far beyond their scope of living, Rahzia reminds us of the cool and smart teen our parent's encouraged us to hang out with more while in high school.  The student that everyone knew for all of the right reasons.

The 16 year old seems dead set on being a dope emcee that inspires young females to take charge in a classy way.  At least that's the vibe we get from her first official music video.  The beat is reminiscent of a classic hip-hop banger, the lyrics are crafty and creative, the flow is dope, and the video is a pleasant representation of when life was a little less complex for us adults, but getting more and more serious for the teens.  It was a time when peer pressure could change us from B students to juvenile delinquents. *sighs*  Luckily we made it through, and by the looks of this video Rahzia's gonna make it through too.

We'll keep you updated with what's happening with Rahzia J.  We believe this is just the beginning for the young emcee who is just being her.



Just Be You

Video by: G-Street Unltd.

Label: E's Way Records

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